Technical Highlights

Technical Highlights

Technology with CAREHUB:

a. AMEYO Call Center Software

• Ameyo IVR (To provide automated services to the customers)
• Ameyo ACD (Distribution of Inbound calls across Queues)
• Automatic number identification (Allows call routing based on the number of caller. It enables the system to recognize  who the caller is and route     the call based on the callers’s value to the company.)
• Ameyo CTI (Agent screen pop-up)
• Ameyo Supervisor login (Supervisor will be able to monitor all the activities of the agents on real time and will be able to view real time statistics         of the campaign.)
• Ameyo Administrator login (Administrator will be capable to configure system settings, campaign settings and user settings.)
• Ameyo Analyst (Analyst will be able to monitor activities of the agents on real time and will be able to assign scores on the voice logs.)
• Ameyo Voice logger (100% voice recording of all the interactions between agents and customer.)
• Ameyo Reports (Reports showing information related to call, agent etc.)
• URL based integration (will be able to integrate with in-house CRM using URL based integration approach.)

• Screen Monitoring
• Live Call Barging
• Customized CRM
• Customized Ticketing System
• Hp and dell V6 servers (centos)
• Structured Cabling
• Manageable Cisco switches / router
• Dasscom headphones (International Standard)

b. Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource in call centers has been related directly to customer satisfaction. Some argue, with the advent of IVR and other sophisticated technologies including the growth of the internet and digital TV, that customers is able to completely by-pass call center agents to perform their transactions. Although many call center jobs may face some degree of technological displacement, it will not occur immediately and if customer relationship management becomes new mantra, live voice communication is not going to disappear. So call centers are here to stay for the foreseeable future.