Our robust and state-of-the-art infrastructure is at the base of our entire call center process. Our organization adheres to the global standards with regards to employee safety, security and training, protection against natural disasters and excellent backup plan in case of major power outage.

Our infrastructure comprises of:

• Well equipped, spacious, ergonomic working cubicles and space for the call center agents.

Run the operations 24 hours, even during the uncertain circumstances (like strikes) and all national                     holidays.

Ability to segregate working groups as Corporate Call Center Group, Enterprise Call Center Group,                       Outbound Group, Channel Support Group, Online Services Group.

• Availability of a meeting room (to accommodate 6-8 people at a time) to conduct any meeting with                     projection.

Managed power connectivity (electricity) including back-ups (Generator, UPS, Invertor and Solar) to                    run the operation without any down time.

• Availability of well-maintained restrooms (Toilets) with proper toiletries for Gents and Ladies.

• Enough space for different dashboards (agent reports, agent achievements, reports screening, special                information dashboards)

• Availability of spacious training hall (accommodate at least 15 people at a time) with projection, writing              board.

• Interiors that reflect the Customer Care, Customer Experience, Call Center Environment that motivates                agents to work each day with joy.

• Answer a total daily average of at 20k calls per day and maintain the defined SLAs.

• Take ownership to maintain the Call Center Metrics- First Call Resolution, Answering Level, Quality of Calls         Answered and other performance indicators defined in the contract.

• Accept the truth that in Client call center, calls can increase with any new campaign launch, product launch,     change in product logic, and issues in product/service usage. We are able to manage resources to handle          the extra call load.

• Availability and visibility of emergency exits, first aid kits, sick room.

• Adequate parking Space.